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Digital Encoding Forms

Digital Archaeology Records Submissions

In the interim period leading up to the rollout of a statewide new archaeological site recording system the Utah SHPO is offering an additional avenue to submit IMACS encoded data.  This will negate the need for a paper encoding form submission.  Until the new site recording system is fully adopted Utah SHPO will continue to require IMACS encoded data be submitted as part of all SHPO submission packets.  For this interim period, we welcome the digital submission of this encoded data in our defined .csv (or .xls) format.  Please download the .csv file and instructional spreadsheet.  Fieldnames should not be changed.   One example record is included in the .csv file – please delete this record prior to future population.

Population of this .csv file follows the existing encoded data specifications with data entered into a spreadsheet row instead of a paper form.  We feel this process should be straightforward.  Please direct any questions to

The resulting file will be submitted on portable media (CD or DVD likely) and delivered as part of your SHPO submission packet.  Preferable this media will also include pertinent shapefiles and PDFs of the report and site form following the proposed 2012 BLM Digital Data Standards.