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How to Receive an IMACS Code

Organizations submitting archaeological reports in Utah should receive an IMACS Survey Organization code.  This code is a two letter/digit sequence that is assigned as part of the Intermountain Antiquities Computer System that helps distinguish your organization’s completed archaeological reports and site forms.  If you are unsure if your organization already has an IMACS code please check with records staff.

Your organization’s IMACS code is permanent and will be part of each of your Utah project numbers and appear on your archaeological site forms.  If your organization has not yet received an IMACS code, please contact the Archaeology Records staff at for assignment.

To assign the code staff will require the following:

  • Organization’s name and address
  • Name of your organization’s associated PLPCO archaeological principal investigator permit holder (including the PI #)

Note:  we will only assign IMACS codes to organizations currently working in the State of Utah.