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Funding for Historical Projects

Black and white photograph of the old Bountiful State Bank in Bountiful, Utah

Bountiful State Bank

We believe in assisting the public, researchers, contractors, and professionals in keeping history alive and well in the state of Utah.

We offer funding assistance through grants, and information on other funding sources to help you complete your preservation projects.

  • Financial assistance for historic preservation
    State History offers grants for Certified Local Governments (CLGs), assistance with federal and state tax credits, and information on multiple other loans, grants, and funding sources for historic preservation projects.
  • Cemetery grants
    State History offers grants to help cemeteries digitize their records for private and public use, and for inclusion on the statewide Cemeteries and Burials Database.
  • Oral History
    Oral History Grants are awarded for the collection and transcription of oral histories in Utah. Transcripts and recordings are deposited at the Utah State Historical Society Library and other deposition sites (such as local libraries), and the content of the collected oral histories is made available to the general public through a live public program. Funding is made possible through the Utah Division of State History and the Utah Humanities. Contact Utah Humanities to apply.
  • Other Funding Sources State History can help you understand and connect to multiple funding sources for:
    • Preservation Community
    • Development
    • Culture Development
    • Heritage Tourism and Business Development