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Info & Resources — Historic Buildings

A building in Brigham City

A building in Brigham City, Utah

Discover the history of your property, learn more about preservation, and get tips on how to rehabilitate a building.

Researching and documenting historic properties

Surveying historic buildings   Intensive level surveys are in-depth research on an individual property.
Reconnaissance level surveys are an approach to systematically documenting and evaluating historic buildings in Utah communities. We provide guidelines and instructions for both kinds of surveys.

Historical Contexts  Read context histories and studies that have been prepared for many of Utah’s cities, neighborhoods and resource types (buildings and archaeology).

Rehabilitating historic buildings

Utah Preservation magazine — Published for 10 years, this magazine contains contains articles about the many facets of historic preservation in Utah.

Public Viewer   This viewer provides public access to our historic buildings database. Please contact Roger Roper with any comments or suggestions.

Utah Preservation magazine, which was published annually for ten years, contains articles about the many facets of historic preservation in Utah.

Historic Site Form
A form to guide your research and help you collect information on your property. (PDF)

Rehabilitating historic buildings

See great resources and links for rehabilitating old buildings.