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Legal Authority


The Antiquities Section of the Utah Division of State History was created by the legislature to be the “authority of the state for the protection and orderly development of archaeological and anthropological resources.”

The Antiquities Section is given responsibility to:

  • promote research, study, and activities in the field of antiquities;
  • assist with the marking, protection, and preservation of sites;
  • assist with the collection, preservation, and administration of specimens until they are placed in a repository or curation facility;
  • provide advice on the protection and orderly development of archaeological resources and in doing so confer with the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office if requested;
  • assist with the proper care of ancient human remains as authorized by Subsection 76-9-704(3) and federal law;
  • collect and administer site survey and excavation records;
  • edit and publish antiquities records

Utah State Antiquities Act (UCA 9-8-301 – 308) and the implementing regulations as codified in R212-4. Ancient Human Remains

Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation 9-9-401402403404405406

Cultural Sites Protection 76-6-901902903

Abuse or Desecration of a Dead Human Body 76-9-704

Archaeological Vandalism Statutes 76-6-90176-6-90276-6-903