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Archaeological Site Form Photo Submission Standards

The Antiquities Section requires original site photographs (B&W or color) be submitted for each archaeological site form in an archival photo sleeve. No preference is given between film or digital-camera-produced photographs, but in either case the photo must be clear and of sufficient quality for the printing size. Photos must be printed on acid-free photographic paper with archival quality ink. Certain modern business printers can meet these requirements.  Photo pages (8.5×11”) with printed captions are acceptable, but must meet the archival-quality standards stated above. Standard (non-page) photographs submitted should have captions viewable without a researcher needing to remove the photo from its sleeve.  Photos for site forms should not be submitted any smaller than 3×5”.

Digital submissions of site and report documents (.pdf) are encouraged to supplement the required paper copies. Currently the best way to submit site photographs digitally is through a .pdf document of the site form.

Because these records must endure and remain accessible in perpetuity, all records submitted to this office must be of the best quality possible and on the best materials possible.