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How to Receive Archaeological Site Numbers

The Archaeology Records staff maintains the statewide ledger for archaeological site numbers.    The State of Utah uses the standard Smithsonian trinomial site number system which defines the state number (42=Utah), the county (e.g. KA=Kane), and a sequential number (e.g. 500).  This numbering system is recognized by the vast majority of state and federal agencies and landowners. We do not assign blocks of numbers for sites yet-to-be discovered.

If, as a result of fieldwork, archaeological sites are identified and will be reported, site numbers can be requested from staff at

The following information will be required:

  • Associated state project number
  • New site count per county(ies).
  • Requesting organization name.
  • Shapefile or geodatabase.  More information here (link- “

Please visit our page concerning linear sites.