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How to Receive Archaeological State Project Numbers

Most state and federal agencies in Utah require a State Project Number be assigned to a project prior to on-the-ground work being started. This is a statewide, cross-agency number that helps State History, and our partners, manage and track archaeological reports generated by fieldwork in Utah.

**** Important: Project numbers will only be assigned to projects led by an individual with a PLPCO archaeological permit. Read more here.

Project Numbers are obtained prior to fieldwork and can be received by contacting the Archaeology Records staff at  The following pertinent information will be required:

  • Organization name
  • Project title (or we prefer the report title if known at the time)
  • Principal investigator’s name (including PLPCO permit number)
  • Field supervisor’s name
  • Counties involved
  • Landowner status (e.g. private; state; BLM; county; etc).

Project numbers are assigned to the following:

  • Archaeological surveys (class II and III)
  • Monitoring projects with discoveries.
  • Excavations or testing.
  • Site recordings where a report is generated.

Project numbers are not assigned to the following:

  • Class I literature searches
  • Monitoring projects without discoveries.
  • Site recordings where a report is not generated.

New project numbers must be requested for addendum reports. This assures we know whether an addendum does or should exist for an existing report.