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R. E. Gery, 1923 Memo

September 6, 1923



“This memorandum is supplemental to the report now being prepared by Dr. Waugh.

“The improvements which it was considered essential to construct at Cedar Breaks involve the following:

“The people of Parowan are more interested in ‘Lookout Point’ (a name given by Parowan people) and have constructed a poor road to the point. This road should be improved if for no other reason than to satisfy the people in the Parowan country.

“‘Rainbow Point’ is a favorite lookout point and automobiles can be driven very close to the rim. There should be a log railing at this point. There is a narrow ledge from the Point leading a short distance into the canyon and a foot trail should be constructed along this ledge.

“It is proposed to construct a camp ground to be called the ‘Parowan Camp Ground.’ It will be located as indicated on the map about 2,000 feet from the Cedar Breaks road. It will be necessary to construct a road to the camp ground and to install two toilets. It will be necessary to develop a spring to furnish water and some four tables should be provided. In order to keep the place at all fit for camping it will be necessary to fence the area.

“The Cedar Breaks pack trail should be constructed in order that the bottom of the Breaks may be reached. This trail would also be used by Service permittees. It is understood that an allotment was one time made for this trail.

“There are two points indicated on the map where provision is made for parking space on the Cedar Breaks road. These are two points from which excellent views may be obtained and appropriate signs should be placed at these points.

“There is also a short road provided for at ‘Desert View.’ This is suggested to afford the automobile tourist an excellent view beyond Cedar City and into the desert country.

“‘Sunset Point’ affords another and different picture of the canyon. It is suggested that a bench be constructed at this point.

“Just back of this Point is located the Sunset Public Camp Grounds, the most popular along the rim. At this point eight tables should be located and proper water development arranged for. Two toilets should be constructed and the area should by all means be fenced.

“‘Point Perfection’ (a name suggested by Dr. Waugh) is at the present time the most visited along the rim. This for the reason that it is very easily reached by automobile. A log railing should be constructed at this point.

“A public camp ground may eventually be necessary near the intersection of the Cedar-Long Valley and Bryce Canyon roads but this need be given no consideration at the present time.

“‘Buckskin Knob’ is the name given to a point within a hundred feet or so of where the R. R. Company is to build its hotel or lunch room. It was given this name in view of the fact that Buckskin Mountain may be seen in the distance. It is proposed to construct a platform and install an object finder at this point.

“It is also proposed to construct a trail along the rim from ‘Buckskin Knob’ to ‘Point Supreme.’ At the latter point it is proposed to construct some fences.

“Near to ‘Point Supreme’ are found some exceedingly interesting ‘Fox tail’ pines. Some of them have lived through a thousand winters and although twisted and broken are sound in part and still bear some needles. It was at this point that Dr. Lancaster desired to construct the hotel.

“The total improvements suggested are as follows:


Lookout Point (2000 feet)                              $500

Parowan Camp Ground (2000 feet)               $500

Parking space view of Powell N.F.                 $10

Parking space Forest view                              $20

Desert View Road (1000 feet)                       $20

Total roads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,050



Foot trail at Rainbow Point                            $25

Cedar Breaks Pack trail (3 miles)                    $750

Between ‘Buckskin Knob’ and

‘Point Supreme’                                              $100

Total trails . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $875



At Parowan Camp Ground                             $180

At Sunset Camp Ground                                $225

Total fencing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $405


Other Improvements:


Railing at Rainbow Point                                $10

Water development at Parowan

Camp Ground                                     $50

Four tables               “         “                           $30

Two toilets               “         “                           $100

Water development at Sunset Camp

Ground                                                $100

Two toilets               “      “          “                  $100

Eight tables              “      “          “                  $60

Log railing at Point Perfection                        $40

Platform and object finder at

Buckskin Knob                                   $75

Benches at Point Supreme                              $15

Bench at Sunset Point                                     $5


“There should also be portals at the entrance to the Forest along the Cedar-Long Valley road on both the east and west. These should be constructed after the other improvements are provided for.

“The railroad company may possibly desire to attach an instrument to the Service telephone line. It should be determined in advance as to whether this would interfere with Forest Service business.

“The season is short at Cedar Breaks but it may be necessary to employ a guard for about three months each year to look after the public camp grounds and fires. The ranger will have little time to devote to this work. . . .

“It will be necessary to surface some stretches of the Cedar Breaks road. Several places were noted which the Supervisor has been endeavoring to put in serviceable condition but with little success. In the particular places referred to the road is shaded and dries exceedingly slow after the rains. Corduroys have been suggested but this method should by all means be avoided. Surfacing seems to be the only way to remedy the condition.

“Appropriate signs should be installed at the different points of attraction and at the intersections of the roads. It is also suggested that a sign be placed on one of the Fox tail pines. During our visit to the area it was agreed that one particular tree should carry appropriate sign.

“The Cedar-Long Valley road is not being maintained in serviceable condition. It should be dragged more frequently.”

[signed] R. E. Gery

Acting Assistant District Forester



E. Gery, “Memorandum For Files,” September 6, 1923, in Thomas G. Alexander, “Region IV Forest Service Research collection,” MSS 1609, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, box 50, fd 21.