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San Juan County Residents Talk about Public Lands

The Charles Redd Center at Brigham Young University announces the publication of San Juan County Public LandsThe 24-page book is based on oral history interviews with San Juan County residents. The interviews centered around the residents’ personal use of the public lands and what they hope for the future. The interviewees were asked to talk about their personal experience rather than the political debates that surround the subject.

The Redd Center conducted 36 interviews with ranchers, school teachers, homesteaders, photographers, miners, housewives, state and federal employees, former county officials, university professors, tourism leaders, and professionals. In addition, the Utah State Historical Society made oral histories available that were conducted for the Edge of the Cedars State Park.

The booklet was edited by Charlotte Palfreyman Smith, a BYU graduate student in rhetoric. Ms. Smith noted that while everyone interviewed has been on public lands at sometime, the comments grouped into five common themes: adventure, prehistory, history, scenery, and work.

The booklet is available on-line at the Redd Center webpage, or directly from the Charles Redd Center, 366 SWKT, BYU, Provo, UT 84602