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State History – Trails Consortium

Hole in the Rock Trail

Hole in the Rock Trail

Utah Historic Trails Consortium
The Utah Historic Trails Consortium is formed to cooperatively identify, preserve, mark, and promote historic trails in Utah for public education and enjoyment and to avoid inaccuracy, duplication, and other non-productive efforts.  Historic trails are defined as paths and routes used by people during the historic period and may be used today; are eligible for the state or national register; which paths or routes have historic tangible or documentary evidence. The Utah Division of State History coordinates the quarterly meetings of this organization at the Rio Grande Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Objectives of the Historic Trails Consortium are to:

  • Identify trails that have significance to Utah history;
  • Promote preservation and encourage maintenance and protection of historic Utah trails:
  • Encourage public recognition of and interest in historic trails for educational and recreational purposes;
  • Work to make historic trails more visible and accessible to the public by:
    • accurately identifying the route of each trail and important sites along it; and
    • accurately mapping each trail, noting conditions of public access, and making
    • these maps available; or
    • marking the routes with easily identifiable signs and trail markers; and
    • encouraging landowners, public and private, to allow access to trails and trail sites on their property.
  • Facilitate marking and interpretation for improved public enjoyment and enlightenment of historic trails by:
    • identifying existing trail markers, their text and location to better promote existing resources;
    • collecting information on significant trails sites and events from which to develop interpretive texts;
    • developing unified and improved marker design so Utahns and visitors will easily identify Utah trails;
    • marking, and encouraging others to mark Utah historic trails. The marking of national historic trails and trail sites is to be consistent with the policies and guidelines of the National Park Service.
    • reviewing new trail marker locations and proposed interpretive texts for appropriateness and accuracy;
    • encouraging effective maintenance programs so markers remain informative and attractive in perpetuity;
    • encouraging publications of accurate material that will guide travelers along the trails and help them gain a heightened appreciation of the experience; and
    • finding ways to promote research on the subject of historic trails, their founding and use.

Current members of the Utah Historic Trails Consortium include:

  • National Park Service, Long-Distance Trails Office
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • United States Forest Service
  • Mormon Trails Association
  • Utah Crossroads Chapter, Oregon-California Trails Association
  • National Pony Express Association
  • International Society Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
  • National Society Sons of the Utah Pioneers
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Church History Department
  • Morgan County Historical Society
  • Utah Division of State History
  • Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation

Utah Historic Trails Consortium By-Laws

For questions please contact Chris Merritt 801-245-7263