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State Law (Section 404)

What’s it about?

Utah law requires state agencies and developers using state funds to take into account how their expenditures or undertakings will affect historic properties. They must also provide the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) with a written evaluation of the project and an opportunity to comment.

The Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office (PLPCO) is authorized under 9-8-404 to review comments made by SHPO and mediate disputes between a state agency and the SHPO.

Read the law: Utah Code Annotated 9-8-404

Also, under Utah Code Annotated 17C-2-104 and UCA 17C-3-104 Local Government Community Development and Renewal Agencies, or as a Redevelopment Agency under previous law, are to comply with Section 9-8-404 when undertaking urban renewal and/or economic development projects as though the agency were a state agency.