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Financial Assistance


Historic Fuller Paint Building — now Big D Construction Headquarters, Salt Lake City

You may be able to get financial assistance for historic preservation through:

  • Federal Tax Credit (for income producing buildings) or the Utah Tax Credit (for residential buildings). You can save 20 percent of the cost of your rehabilitation work through either program. The National Park Service has a great website about Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives. And here is a summary of tax credit-related economic development in Utah.
  • Low-interest loans. These are primarily for residential buildings, and are available through the Utah Heritage Foundation, 801/533-0858.
  • The Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund. Seven Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund-funded programs and initiatives support the construction, rehabilitation and purchase of affordable multi and single-family housing throughout Utah. Your historic building project may qualify for financial assistance.  Visit to see if your project qualifies.
  • Local Government Assistance. Local governments often have financial assistance programs that may be used for historic buildings, usually through their housing, economic development or redevelopment agencies.  Contact your local government for more information. Or visit these websites:

Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency (RDA)


Park City:

  • PreservationNation Blog Stories, news, grant information and notes from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • The National Park Service has a great website on Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives.