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I Love History Day!

“This experience truly changed my life. 
My favorite aspect of the competition is the freedom that is provided to the students. There are so many categories and endless possibilities for topics. Any student can create a project that utilizes their skills and interests them. Each NHD project requires students to use analysis and do in-depth investigations of their topic. This year, we were able to contact many great people such as civil rights leader, Dolores Huerta, Professor Danielle Olden, Jesus Gamboa and Ben Maddock. All of these people taught me new things that I have carried with me ever since. 
– Nicholas Cockrell, Student
Hillcrest High School, Midvale

“Dear All Undecided,
National History Day is a wonderful program…. You’ll be learning many valuable skills that will supercharge your researching skills for all sorts of challenges (for instance, for school or for work). More importantly, the National History Day competition allows you to not only delve into a comprehensive review of a historical event—it makes you take a stance. So get out there. Find a historical event that you’re passionate about, and go at it. I promise you that the time you invest will be well worth it. Good luck to all!
– Harry Han, Student
Hillcrest High School, Midvale
“Doing a History Day project has motivated my students to go far beyond a typical classroom assignment, producing final products that have been academically outstanding….  it teaches them the value of excellence. If educators are serious about promoting excellence, critical thinking, advanced reading and writing, presentation skills, and task-oriented commitment, History Day will meet these goals better than any other way I’ve ever seen, and their students will never forget the impact History Day had on their lives.
– Kathryn Leany, Teacher
Lava Ridge Intermediate School, Santa Clara

“Through History Day my children have learned perseverance, determination, organization skills, time management, computer skills, self-confidence, and communication skills. They have felt the satisfaction of hard work and pride in a job well done. The History Day experience has become the gold standard by which my children judge all of their other projects.
– Andy Schmutz, Parent
Washington County