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Utah History Day Registration

Registration for Spring 2018 contests opens in January.


1. Choose the correct contest. Scroll down, looking carefully at the options below. Click on the contest that serves you. (If you’re not sure, email and we’ll help you.)

2. Teachers need to register their schools and themselves before students can register.

3. Students complete one Student Registration form per student. Group projects should designate one student to register first and create the group entry; the remaining group members then select the group project as they complete their own student registrations.

District-Level Contests

If you attend a public school in one of these districts, you must register and compete in the District-Level contest. Top district entries then advance to the regional level.

Canyons School District – Registration deadline tba

Davis School District – Registration deadline tba

Ogden School District – Registration deadline February 10

Regional Contests

Cache Regional (Cache, Box Elder) – Registration deadline February 13

Castle Country Regional (Carbon, Emery) – Registration deadline January 31

Salt Lake Regional (Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele) – Registration deadline February 26

San Juan Regional – Registration deadline February 9

South-Central Regional (Beaver & Iron Counties) -Registration deadline March 7

Utah Valley Regional (Utah County) – Registration deadline January 31

Washington County Regional – Registration deadline February 5

Weber Regional (Weber & Davis Counties) – Registration deadline February 28


Contact us at We will be happy to assist you!

Registration Tips

  • Registration deadlines vary. Be sure you register before the deadline for your contest.
  • Website and Historical Paper entries are due before the competition. If you are competing in either of those categories, pay attention to those deadlines. Look them up HERE.

Instructions for Website Students

  • You need to provide the Weebly URL for your website during registration.
  • Your URL should look like this:
  • If your URL has words instead of numbers in the middle, you’ll need to convert it to NHD Weebly before you register.
  • To convert: go to  and login using your Weebly username and password. Click “Convert” and write down your new URL.
  • If you have trouble converting your website contact
  • Websites will lock for judging on the date specified for your contest. You will not be able to access your site during the judging period.
  • Websites will unlock after the competition, allowing you time to make revisions before the next competition.