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Utah History Day Teacher Workshops

NHD 101 Workshops for Teachers

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Meet the new Utah Social Studies Core – and more – with National History Day!

  • Learn why NHD works for all kinds of learners and how to put it to work in your classroom. 
  • Includes U.S., European, World, and Utah Studies
  • Hands-on research and analysis of primary sources.
  • Satisfies more than 25 Common Core objectives in one multifaceted project.

This workshop offers a helpful refresher for those who are already using the program, and an excellent foundation for those who are just starting out. We’ll talk about this year’s theme, research, rules, required elements, bibliographies, and more!  

All workshops are FREE and include materials. Teacher relicensure points given. Attend one of the workshops below or host one in your area.

**To host a workshop in your area, please email