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Utah Historical Quarterly welcomes the submission of original research and writing on all aspects of Utah history, from prehistory to the present.

Research Articles
Authors must demonstrate the significance of their research and should organize their writing around a central thesis.

Long Research Articles
These constitute the bulk of UHQ. Manuscripts should not exceed 7,500 words in length or approximately 25 to 30 double-spaced pages.

Shorter Research Articles
We also welcome shorter pieces of original research, from 10 to 15 pages.

Utah Lives
Thoroughly researched biography, set in historical context.

Research Opportunities
Primary document collections from around the state that invite research.

Primary Documents
Reproductions of previously unpublished documents, with commentary.

Book review essays; commentary from historians on their craft.

Photographic Essays
Ten to fifteen illustrations, with context and interpretation.

Interpretation of historic buildings, built and natural landscapes, and preservation efforts.

Field notes and case studies of interest to UHQ readers.