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Dinosaur National Monument Gallery

The first three photographs dated from the early twentieth century show the deposits, quarry, and workers from quarries at what became Dinosaur National Monument. The others are dated not long after creation of the monument in 1915. All photographs are housed at the Utah State Historical Society.


Opening the quarry at Dinosaur National Monument with blasting powder, hand drills, a team and scrapers, picks, and shovels. This 1910 photograph faces east, with the fossil-bearing layer to the left of the cut. Utah State Historical Society.


Excavation of the femur and anterior caudals of what is likely a brontosaurus at the quarry, 1910. Utah State Historical Society.


The teamster Alf Ainge hauling a crated specimen down the quarry on skids in 1910. Photo by A. S. Coggeshall. Utah State Historical Society.


Wagons transporting loads of dinosaur bones to the University of Utah in 1924. The quarry from which the fossils came was then under the operation of the university. Donated by University of Utah Public Relations Office. Utah State Historical Society.


Visitors inspecting fossils in Uintah County, Utah, in 1937. Utah State Historical Society.