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UHQ Fall 2016 Web Extras

1_8-remington-paintingJedediah Smith's Southwestern Expeditions: An Interactive Map

Jedediah Smith's 1826 and 1827 southwest expeditions are heralded as some of the most significant of western American history. We offer here an interactive map of Smith's southwestern travels--the route accompanied by Smith's diary excerpts and historical photos of places he and his men traversed.


2_12Researching the Life of F. M. Jones: A Conversation with Will Bagley

We spoke with Will Bagley about Francis Marion Jones, the Jones family, and the process of researching the children who survived the Mountain Meadows Massacre. 


4-4Canyonlands: A Photo Gallery

The vast, otherworldly landscape of Canyonlands National Park offers iconic images of hoodo spires, sandstone cliffs, and desert vegetation. This gallery features striking images from the Utah State Historical Society collection.



froiseth_utah_10629_det3Utah Drawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps

We are pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of rare historical maps depicting the region that became the state of Utah from its earliest imaginings by European cartographers through the historical process that produced the modern state's boundaries. For details, an an online exhibit previewing these maps, visit