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UHQ Review Procedures

The editorial staff first reviews all manuscripts for appropriateness, completeness, and adherence to guidelines and standards.

We then return manuscripts to the authors with recommendations for additional work or send them to the board of editors and other outside readers for their comments and recommendations. The review process usually takes two to three months but can sometimes take as long as six months, depending on our backlog of submissions.

Once we accept a manuscript for publication, we publish it as soon as possible. However, length and subject can affect scheduling priorities. Generally, the editorial staff works about six months ahead of the publication schedule in finalizing issues for publication. Given the number of manuscripts submitted and accepted, there is usually a lag time of approximately one year from the time a manuscript is accepted until it is published.

Note: all manuscript submissions will be evaluated for print and digital publication. If accepted for print, we reserve the right to determine whether content from a manuscript accepted for print publication is also suitable for the web. Editors reserve the right to determine, in consult with the authors, whether a manuscript is appropriate either in part or in whole for digital or analog publication. We also accept digital-only submissions.