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UHQ Spring 2016 Web Extras

Figure 7_High-Cut Stump

Tie-hacking and logging sites on the North Slope

Christopher W. Merritt, “Wooden Beds for Wooden Heads:” Railroad Tie Cutting in the Uinta Mountains, 1867–1938

To see the historic tie-hacking and logging sites on the Uinta Mountain’s North Slope, take a guided tour with Christopher Merritt. We also provide a gallery of historic photographs of tie-hacking operations and (forthcoming) a conversation with Dr. Merritt on the tools, methodologies, and insights of historical archaeology.

Mary Stevens’ murder: A conversation with Roger BlomquistCase73_title

Roger Blomquist, “A Most Horrible Crime: The 1908 Murder of Mary Stevens in Orderville, Utah”

We interviewed Roger Blomquist about his research on the murder of Mary Stevens, a young woman from early twentieth-century Orderville, Utah. In our conversation Blomquist shares his perspective on the social dynamics of a close-knit community reeling from a high-profile murder case, details of the case, and what little we know about the short life of Mary Stevens.

Digital copy of James E. Talmage’s diary

Craig R. Smith, “James E. Talmage and the 1895 Deseret Museum Expedition to Southern Utah”

Talmage kept a detailed diary of his explorations during his explorations of southern Utah and northern Arizona geology. This handwritten diary dated July 23, 1894, to December 31, 1895, is located at the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. Volume 8 of Talmage’s private journal may be found here