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UHQ Fall 2014 Web Extras

UHQ_Mowry-mapMormon and Federal Indian Policy: A Portfolio of Primary Documents

Here we offer faithful reproductions of some of the primary documents Rogers used to construct his analysis of Indian policy in “A ‘distinction between Mormons and Americans’: Mormon Indian Missionaries, Federal Indian Policy, and the Utah War,” published in the fall 2014 issue of the Utah Historical Quarterly. These records—acts of Congress, letters, speeches, etc.—reveal the tension between Indian agents and LDS church leaders over compliance with federal Indian policy.



UHQ_Utah_State_Penitentiary--Sugar_House_p.18_No.21442_Oct._21,_1887(2)An Interview with Noel Carmack and Connell O’Donovan on the 1855 murder of Isaac Whitehouse in Parowan, Utah, and the Art of Historical Storytelling

The current UHQ examines the sad story of Isaac Whitehouse, a boy with disabilities who suffered terrible abuse—and, on one fall evening in 1855, a violent death—at the hands of his caretakers. Noel Carmack documents the injustices of the case: following his conviction for the boy’s murder, Samuel G. Baker served only two months in the territorial penitentiary after being pardoned by Brigham Young—a move Judge William Drummond found to be an affront to the rule of law in Utah. But Carmack reveals complex forces at work in the case and raises interesting, and surprising, questions about the intersection of religion, community, and domestic responsibility in early Utah.

Here we present the audio recording and transcript of a conversation between two historians who have examined this story in great detail—Noel Carmack, author of the article published in the current issue of the UHQ, and Connell O’Donovan, author of “The 1855 Murder of Isaac Whitehouse in Parowan, Utah,” published in the fall 2014 issue of the Journal of Mormon History. The conversation—the first of what we hope becomes a regular series of authors’ interviews produced and recorded by UHQ editors—took place on August 5, 2014, at the Rio Grande Building in Salt Lake City.



UHQ_Spring-Water-Woods-CrossWater: Records in the Utah State Historical Society and at the Utah State Archives 

With publication of an article on water conflict in Rush Valley, based on the journal of Israel Bennion, housed at the LDS Church History Library, we developed a curiosity for water use records at the Utah State Historical Society and the Utah State Archives. The following is an annotated list of water district records, journals, correspondence, water filings, and other collections that speak to the importance of water as the lifeblood of the West.




Ute Photographs 

To complement the article on Ute face recognition using Google Picasa, we publish here a number of Ute photographs from our research library. Although we do not use Picasa, we gathered as much contextual information as we could find to identify individuals in the photos.