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Utah State History Brown Bag Presentations

From Sheep to Bikes: Transforming an Engine of Economic Growth in Ogden – Sheri Murray Ellis (Certus Environmental Services), Sara Meess (Ogden City Corporation)

The Historic Ogden Union Stockyards were once one of the largest stockyards west of Denver, representing the latest advances in the transportation and processing of livestock. Although Ogden is widely known for its rail history, the stockyards were also a major economic driver for the region. The former stockyards are now being transformed into a lifestyle-based business park designed around outdoor amenities and sustainability principles. This discussion will trace the evolution of the site, from its historic use as a bustling livestock center to its redevelopment as an outdoor recreation business park. -May 15, 2018

Utah History in 3D: The Use of 21st Century Technologies in Archaeology – Shawn Lambert Ph.D. When people think of archaeology, they imagine large-scale excavations and artifact recovery. While archaeologists are not ready to drop their trowels just yet, the introduction of a new 21st-century toolkit is beginning to transform the discipline. A couple facets of this toolkit involves photogrammetry, 3D printing, and even augmented reality. In this presentation, I will give a brief introduction to these technologies and their applications in archaeology and public outreach. – May 3, 2018

Review of National Trails Act and Pony Express – Dr. Joe Hatch, author of “The Pony Express in Utah” presents an overview of the development of the National Historic Trails system in Utah, with a focus on his comprehensive work on the Pony Express National Historic Trail. This presentation will include photos and descriptions of Utah’s various Pony Express stations, and provide context for this famous Western story. – April 25, 2018


Much More Than Just Handcarts: Mormon Emigration, 1846-1869 – Chad Orton, LDS Church HIstory Department discusses the migration of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Utah was much more complex and varied than just the classic images of hand-carts. This brown bag will discuss the what and how of Mormon migration during the mid-century along the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail and beyond. – April 19, 2018

The Making of National Historic Trails – Lee Kreutzer, National Park Service discusses how national historic trails are designated, administered and managed. She reviews what national historic are, how they are studied and designated, how they are administered and managed, and what potential new trails are being considered by Congress. – April 11, 2018

Antisemitism: Past and Contemporary Lessons – Kim Klett is an instructor with the Echoes and Reflections program, which conducts Holocaust education training for teachers nationwide. Echoes is funded by the Anti-Defamation League, the Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem. – November 29, 2017

Challenges & Opportunities Facing Rural Libraries in Utah – Utah Division of State Library’s Kari May will discuss challenges and opportunities unique to rural libraries in Utah, ranging from struggling with limited internet connections to serving as active community hubs. – October 3, 2017

A Discussion on Native American Issues in Rural Utah – Utah Division of Indian Affairs’ Shirlee Silversmith and James Toledo will discuss Native American issues in rural Utah. – September 26, 2017

The Role of “Buy Local First” on Rural Utah – Kristen Lavelett, executive director of Buy Local First. She’ll discuss their efforts in rural Utah. This is the first of three brown bags. – September 19, 2017

History Is a Verb: The Utah Social Studies Standard, Utah History Day & Doing History with Robert Austin and Wendy Rex-Atzet
– Robert Austin, K-12 Social Studies Specialist for the Utah State Board of Education discuss the new social studies standards and their impact on teaching history in Utah’s public schools.
Wendy Rex-Atzet, State Coordinator for the Utah History Day program talks about the interaction of this program with students “doing history.” – July 26, 2017

The DUP and Little-Known Stories of Pioneers with Maurine Smith
Maurine Smith, president of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers speaks as part of our lecture series celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Utah State Historical Society. – July 12, 2017

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: The Utah Historical Society in the 1980s with Gary Topping – Join us for the 1st lecture in the July 2017 brown bag series celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Utah State Historical Society. Gary Topping, is a former long-time State History employee and Archivist of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. – July 5, 2017

Chinese Railroad Workers in Utah (1868-1920) with Chris Merritt Ph.D. – A historical archaeological presentation documenting the Chinese railroad workers in Utah. – May 31, 2017

Salt Lake City & County Building Restoration 1973-1989 with Don Hartley – A review of the restoration work on the City & County Building. – May 34, 2017

Lost and Found: The First Salt Lake City with Laurie Bryant – A look back at the use of adobe brick in the building of Salt Lake City. – May 17, 2017

Utah’s Legacy of Architectural Cast Iron with Robert Baird– Watch the transformation of the ZCMI facade and the importance of cast iron architecture in our history. – May 10, 2017

Bear River Massacre Archaeology: Finding Bia Ogoi by Ken Cannon PhD – The application of historic documents and geomorphology to the understanding of the nineteenth century landscape change of the Bear River Valley, Franklin County, Idaho. – May 3, 2017

Celebrating Carbon County: Revisiting Historic Buildings, Rediscovering a Community Cookbook –  Ronald G. Watt will then take us on a tour of Carbon County by exploring historic buildings – many of them now demolished. Watt will discuss “company stores,” reflective of the mining past, as well as the major structures in Price and Helper: churches, schools, city halls, college campus, courthouse, and the LDS tabernacle. State History’s Heidi Tak and Melissa Coy will highlight a recently rediscovered Carbon County Community Cookbook, created by local residents between 1920 and 1930. – September 21, 2016

“Echoes From The Camp: Sego as a Case Study in Identifying an Industrial Landscape” with Jessica F. Montcalm – May 4, 2016

“An Inside Perspective” with Doug Wright – September 30, 2015

“Copy, Ink, and Diverse Voices: Ethnic and Vernacular Press in Utah History” with Dr. Joel Campbell – September 23, 2015.

“In With a Suitcase, Out With a Truck: Salt Lake City’s Historic Apartment Buildings of the Early 20th Century” with Lisa-Michele Church, J.D. – September 16, 2015.


A Summer Home for the People of Denver: Building Denver’s Mountain Parks, 1910-1940″ with Dr. Wendy Rex-Atzet – September 9, 2015.

Some Things She Should Know: Beauty Culture and Modern Womanhood in Salt Lake City, 1890-1930 with Melissa Coy – September 2, 2015