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Utah Drawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps

Exhibition Design Team and Contributors

Exhibit Curators: Travis Ross (American West Center, University of Utah) and Stephen Boulay

Exhibition and Graphic Designer: Kerry Shaw (Utah Department of Heritage & Arts)

Additional Contributors and Editors: William Martin, Peter Crawley, W. Randall Dixon, William MacKinnon, Stephanie Angelides (Utah Capitol Preservation Board), Jedediah S. Rogers (Utah Historical Quarterly), Holly George (Utah Historical Quarterly), Michael W. Homer, and Brad Westwood (Utah Division of State History)

Education Curators and Contributors: Robert Austin (Utah Office of Education), Quinn Rollins (Granite School District), Jeff Nokes (History Department, Brigham Young University), Cassandra Clarke (American West Center, University of Utah), Shirlee Silversmith and James Toledo (Utah Division of Indian Affairs), and Harold D. Mitchell (Utah Valley University)

Logistical, Marketing & Physical Support: Kevin Fayles, Alycia Aldrich, Lisa Buckmiller, Douglas Misner, Michele Elnicky, Rebekah Abbott, Megan Weiss, and Chase Roberts

Exhibition Partners

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