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What is Utah History Day?

Utah History Day, formerly known as Utah History Fair, is the National History Day program affiliate serving the 4th through 12th grade students of Utah.

Part of the largest history education program in the country, Utah History Day is an exciting way to engage students and teachers in the study of historical issues, ideas, people, and events through critical inquiry and analysis as well as creative presentation. This year-long educational program fosters increased literacy, academic achievement, and intellectual growth by developing historical knowledge and perspective. Through the series of regional, state, and national competitions, students—working individually or as part of a team—develop critical thinking, cooperative learning, and problem solving skills that will help them manage, use, and share information now and for the future.

This program has been in continuous operation in Utah since 1980. Thousands of Utah students participate in Utah History Day in their schools each year, and the program is available to children in communities large and small throughout the state. Beginning in the fall, Utah students begin to select their topics, conduct their research, and design their projects in preparation for the regional contests that take place in February and March. Regional winners will travel to the annual Utah History Day state competition in April. State winners will advance to the National History Day contest at the University of Maryland in June.

Benefits for Students
All types of Utah students participate in History
Day activities—urban, suburban, and rural students; public, private, parochial and home school students; students from every cultural, social, economic, and educational background. Students grow academically and intellectually as they integrate the arts, economics, sciences, and other disciplines into a historical presentation. Participation in History Day . . .

  • Helps students foster pride in their heritage and an underUHD- Happy Students Picturestanding of the history of our nation by exploring the world around them and understanding viewpoints different from their own;
  • Encourages students to develop research, thinking, and presentation skills which they will use throughout their lives;
  • Encourages the study of history by allowing students to present their topics in a variety of formats that showcase his/her special talents;
  • Interests students in learning about history by integrating interdisciplinary methods and materials in social studies, art, literature, composition, language, music, and theatre into their entries;
  • Helps students to develop poise and self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and team-building skills;
  • Provides them with an opportunity to interact with participants in history as well as with academic and public historians.

UHD- Teacher AwardBenefits for Teachers

  • Meets more than 20 Common Core objectives in one integrated project!
  • A powerful classroom tool that engages students in history by giving them the tools to do history.
  • History Day can be integrated into any social studies or ELA classroom.
  • An excellent program for cross-curricular learning and teamwork.