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Devil’s Trill: A Mystery in Sonata Allegro Form

By: Gerald Elias
Published: 2010
Pages: 306
Total Copies: 8
Genre: Fiction | Mysteries & Thrillers | Uniquely Utah

Description: Daniel Jacobus, living in self-imposed exile, is drawn back into the world he left behind when he decides to attend the Grimsley Competition at Carnegie Hall. The winner of this competition is granted the honor of playing the ‘Piccolino Stradivarius,’ a uniquely dazzling violin that has brought misfortune to all who possessed it over the centuries. Nine–year–old Kamryn Vander wins the competition, but before she can get an opportunity to play the priceless violin, it is stolen. Jacobus becomes the primary suspect and with the help of his friends sets out to prove his innocence.

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