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Let Us Eat Cake: Adventures in Food and Friendship

By: Sharon Boorstin
Published: ©2002
Pages: 326
Total Copies: 17
Genre: Nonfiction | Books About Food

Description: Sometimes, the smallest things – the aroma of cookies baking, the feel of dough in one’s hands – can trigger poignant food memories. For food writer and restaurant critic Sharon Boorstin, it was the discovery of a long lost notebook of recipes she’d collected from her mother, relatives, and friends that inspired her to reconnect with the loved ones of her past. As she reached out to the recipe givers – many of whom she hasn’t seen in years – she uncovered and embraced the power of cooking and food in establishing bonds among women. Let Us Eat Cake celebrates these connections. With dozens of delicious recipes and vintage photos, this moving book will inspire readers to remember and cherish their own experiences with food, family, and friends.