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Love Medicine: New & Expanded Version

By: Louise Erdrich
Published: 1993 (first published 1984)
Pages: 367
Total Copies: 16
Genre:  Fiction | Historical Fiction | Love & Romance | Cultural, American Indian

Description: Set on and around a North Dakota reservation, Love Medicine tells the story of the Lamartines and the Kashpaws – two extraordinary families whose fates are united and sustained in a harsh world by the strength and diversity of their love. We meet the sensual Lulu Lamartine, whose children have different fathers, but whose passionate tie to her first love, Nector Kashpaw, intensifies over the years; June Kashpaw, who froze to death in a snowstorm; and the philosophical Lipsha Morrissey, June’s abandoned son, who makes a love medicine to keep his grandparents together.