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Prince Among Slaves: The True Story of an African Prince Sold into Slavery in the American South

By: Terry Alford
Published: ©1977, 2007
Pages: 316
Total Copies: 22
Genre: Nonfiction | Biographies & MemoirsCultural, African and Muslim | Regional, American South

Description: In this remarkable work, Terry Alford tells the story of Abd al Rahman Ibrahima, a Muslim slave who, in 1807, was recognized by an Irish ship’s surgeon as the son of an African king who had saved his life many years earlier. “The Prince” had been captured in war, sold to slave traders, and shipped to America. Ibrahima was an educated, aristocratic man, and he was made overseer of the large cotton and tobacco plantation of his master, who refused to sell him to the doctor for any price. After years of petitioning by Dr. Cox and others, Ibrahima finally gained freedom in 1828.

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