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Tender at the Bone

By: Ruth Reichl
Published: 1999, ©1998
Pages: 282
Total Copies: 15
Genre: Nonfiction | Books About Food | Biographies & Memoirs

Description: At an early age, Ruth Reichl discovered that “food could be a way of making sense of the world. . . . If you watched people as they ate, you could find out who they were.” Her deliciously crafted memoir, Tender at the Bone, is the story of a life determined, enhanced, and defined in equal measure by a passion for food, unforgettable people, and the love of tales well told. Spiced with Reichl’s infectious humor and sprinkled with her favorite recipes, Tender at the Bone is a witty and compelling chronicle of a culinary sensualist’s coming-of-age.

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