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The Anybodies

By: N.E. Bode
Published: ©2004
Pages: 276
Total Copies: 11
Genre: Fiction | Young Adult |  Science Fiction & Fantasy 

Description: Once there was a wonderfully imaginative girl named Fern who was switched at birth and raised by a tragically dull couple, the Drudgers. Fern learns of the mix-up one evening when the Bone (er, her real father) and his “son” show up at her front door. The families decide to unswap the kids for the summer, and Fern sets off on a wild adventure involving thousands of books, giant peaches, lickable wallpaper, and a magical organization called the Anybodies. Who are the Anybodies? Just what is The Art of Being Anybody? And why is a sinister man named the Miser following Fern? In order to find out, you’ll have to read this book!

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