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The Education of Little Tree

By: Forrest Carter [Asa Earl Carter]
Published: 2004, ©1976
Pages: 216
Total Copies: 9 Print + 2 DVD
Genre:  FictionYoung Adult | Cultural, American Indian

Description: Forrest Carter, from the age of four or five, was inseparable from his part-Cherokee grandfather, who owned a farm and ran a country store nearby. Granpa called him Little Sprout; when he grew taller, he became Little Tree. From Granpa he absorbed the Cherokee ethic; to give love without expecting gratitude, to take from the land only what you need. Little Tree watches a mountain storm when Nature is birthing Spring, learns bird signs and wind songs and which crops to plant by the dark of the moon. Much of the lore passed from generation to generation by word of mouth is found in these stories in “The Education of Little Tree,” autobiographical if not all factually accurate.

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