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By: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Published: ©2007
Pages: 346
Total Copies: 15
Genre:  Fiction | Young Adult | Historical Fiction

Description: Bella, fresh off the boat from Italy, arrives in New York and gets a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. There, along with hundreds of other immigrants, she works long hours at a grueling job under terrible conditions. Yetta, a coworker from Russia, has been crusading for a union, and when factory conditions worsen, she helps workers rise up in a strike. Wealthy Jane learns of the plight of the workers and becomes involved with their cause. Bella and Yetta are at work–and Jane is visiting the factory–on March 25, 1911, when a spark ignites some cloth and the building is engulfed in fire, leading to one of the worst workplace disasters ever.

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