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Voyages: From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs

By: Cathy A. Small
Published: ©1997
Pages: 252
Total Copies: 14
Genre: NonfictionSocial Issues | Environmental Issues | Regional, Asia & American West | Cultural, Asian & Immigrants

Description: This book documents an instance of one of the most momentous social phenomena of the late twentieth century: the mass migration of the world’s population from agricultural ex-colonies and ex-protectorates to the industrial world. Cathy A. Small provides the poignant perspective of one extended family and one village in the Kingdom of Tonga, an independent island nation in the South Pacific that has lost one third of its population to migration since the mid-1960s. Moving between Tonga and California, Small chronicles the experiences over a generation of the people who left the village of ‘Olunga (a fictitious name to preserve anonymity) and the people who stayed.