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Build-A-Lab – View Archived Webinars

Eventbrite - Build-A-Lab: Techspiration in Brownsburg IN
Eventbrite - Build-A-Lab: Digital Projects in Darien, CT
Eventbrite - Build-A-Lab: Digital Media Lab in Highland Park IL
Eventbrite - Build-A-Lab: Makerspaces in Lomira QuadGraphics, WI
Eventbrite - Build-A-Lab: Media Labs in Ela Area, IL

This five-part online series highlights Digital Media Labs and Makerspaces in public libraries across America. Digital Media Labs provide library patrons with a space where they may use various digital media technologies that support their educational, professional, and personal goals and endeavors. Labs include equipment and software. Patrons can create, design, restore and share: videos, images, music, websites, presentations, animations, digital art, physical objects, eBooks, podcasts, and much more.

  1. Brownsburg Public Library Techspiration: Creative Media Lab in Brownsburg, IN (January 14) – View webinar
  2. Darien Library Digital Media Lab in Darien, CT (January 28) – View webinar
  3. Highland Park Public Library Digital Media Lab, in Highland Park, IL (February 11) – View webinar
  4. Lomira QuadGraphics Community Library Makerspace in Lomira WI (February 25) – View webinar
  5. Ela Area Public Library Digital Media Labs in Lake Zurich, IL (March 4) – View webinar

For more information or assistance contact:

Kristen Stehel
Innovative Technology Coordinator
Phone Number (800) 662-9150 x753 (Utah toll-free) or (801) 715-6753
Email address