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CatExpress Cataloging Support

Purpose: The State Library Division provides bibliographic support for libraries to help them standardize cataloging practices and develop accurate catalogs by funding access to an efficient and effective copy catalog service.

Description: CatExpress is a Web-based cataloging resource that provides access to professionally produced bibliographic records in standard MARC formats. Users have access to OCLC’s WorldCat, a database of over 60 million catalog records, for quick and easy copy cataloging information.

Eligibility: This program is open to all certified public libraries and libraries administered by state government agencies. The target audience is small and medium-sized libraries that meet criteria established by the OCLC CatExpress Program.

The Utah Project: The State Library Division administers a group contract and underwrites a consortial subscription to CatExpress on behalf of Utah’s libraries. There is no limit on the number of libraries that may participate but there is an upper limit on the volume of catalog records that a group may contract for. The State Library oversees subscription and billing processes and provides training and technical support for participating libraries. The State Library has offered the CatExpress Program since 2002.

Cost-Sharing: CatExpress charges for total records downloaded. Individual libraries are charged for the number of records imported into their local system. The State Library subsidizes about 50% of the cost for each library and bills the remaining percentage to the participating library. Libraries can access their usage reports at any time on the OCLC CatExpress site.

Billing Cycle: The CatExpress contract year runs from November 1 – October 31. In advance of contract renewal each year, the State Library will provide anticipated usage costs to libraries to assist them in their budget preparations for the coming year. Invoices will be sent to libraries at the end of a contract year so that costs can be tabulated based on actual usage. Generally, invoices are mailed in January annually with payment due to the State Library in March.

Questions? Contact:

Linda Roholt
Phone Number (801) 715-6754 or (800) 662-9150 (Utah toll-free)
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