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Checking Your Holds in the Catalog

If your patron wants to know the status of the book or is wondering why they have not received the book, here’s how to check to see what position they are in.

1. In the Utah State Library Online Catalog, click on My Account, then Review my account. Type in your library’s access code.

2. Here you can see how many books are checked-out to your library. You can also view your holds. Click on “Holds” to see which books you are still waiting for.

3. This screen will show your position in the holds queue. For example, if you see the number “4”, you are 4th in line to receive the title. When there are more than two holds on a title there is a 3 week check out and no renewals are allowed.

For questions or problems contact:

Roxann Rose
(801) 715-6738