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Día Multicultural Mini Grants



Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros / Children’s Day, Book DayLibrary - Dia de los Niños

Evaluation | Survey | Overview | Eligibility | Allowable Use of Funds | Application Criteria & Commitment | Resources & Ideas

Orientation Webinar


Deadline: February 14, 2016


Deadline: May 15, 2016

You can use these documents to help you prepare your final report. When you are ready to submit, you can copy & paste the responses to the online form.

Public Survey


In many places of Latin America, “Día del Niño” (Day of the Child) or “Día de los Niños” (Children’s Day) marks an opportunity to celebrate and honor the life of all children. Although the exact date of the celebration varies from country to country, April 30th is usually reserved for this holiday. In addition, in the 1950s, the United Nations signed resolutions that affirmed the universal rights of children and encouraged countries to dedicate a day to them.

In the mid 1990s in the United States, author and poet Pat Mora began to promote Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros / Children’s Day, Book Day (also known as DIA), a new holiday that celebrated childhood, literacy, and language. In Utah, educators and librarians embraced this holiday and every year hold events and activities that highlight the importance of literacy, books, and reading in the lives of children.

The Utah State Library Division has developed a directed mini grant project to support libraries throughout the state in their efforts to connect children and families of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds to the wondrous realm of books and reading and the transformational services of libraries with special activities or events held during the month of April 2015.

The Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC) and REFORMA, have created an awesome website full of resources to help you plan and conduct meaningful and successful DIA events and activities. Visit the DIA website and check out the Resource Guide.

Eligible Libraries

The Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros / Children’s Day, Book Day Mini Grant Project is open to all school libraries, public libraries, and tribal libraries in the State of Utah interested in holding their own Día! event or activities. School libraries within the same district are encouraged to apply individually. Likewise, branch libraries within the same system are encouraged to apply individually.

Grant Awards – Allowable Use of Funds

  • Consultant Fees: This amount includes all expenses related to acquiring the services of a consultant for a specific activity within the project. A consultant may be an author, poet, educator, trainer, or presenter. Costs may include fees, travel, accommodation, and support services obtained directly by the consultant.
  • Travel: This amount includes all airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, meals, etc. Expenses must be related to project activities and must be incurred by the staff working on the project.
  • Supplies / Materials: This amount includes all costs for supplies and materials purchased specifically for the project. Purchases may include educational materials that directly support the desired results noted above; costs involved to inform the public or the media about DIA events and activities; costs involved in producing brochures or handouts about DIA events and activities.
  • Services: This amount includes the cost of services provided by a contractor or vendor.

Application Criteria & Commitment

The desired results (outcomes) for the Día Mini Grant Project include:

  • Connect children to the world of learning through books, stories and libraries.
  • Recognize and respect culture, heritage and language as powerful tools for strengthening families and communities.
  • Nurture cognitive and literacy development in ways that honor and embrace a child’s home language and culture.
  • Introduce families to community resources that provide opportunities for learning through multiple literacies.

A successful mini grant application will clearly:

  • Describe in detail the specific goal of the project. What outcome do you want to see in the participant? In what way will the BEHAVIOR or ATTITUDE of the participant change? What SKILLS or KNOWLEDGE will the participant gain? In what way will the participant’s LIFE CONDITION or STATUS be transformed? and describe in detail the activities, events or programs you will conduct to achieve the stated goals or outcomes..
  • Identify at least one strategic community partnership AND highlight how the partnership will help achieve the desired results.
  • Describe in detail how you plan to spend your grant funds in a budget narrative.

The Día Mini Grant recipient will:

  • Plan and conduct at least one event or activity during the month of April
  • Register the event or activities at the National Día Program Registry
  • Acknowledge in the publicity the source of the funds for the Día Mini Grant. A suggested acknowledgement is: Funds for this project were provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Library Services and Technology Act and were administered by the Utah State Library Division.
  • Conduct a brief survey of event participants
  • Fill out and submit an online evaluation

Recommended Resources & Ideas for Your Dia Day

For more information or assistance contact:

Juan Tomás Lee
Phone Number (801) 715-6769 or (800) 662-9150 (Utah toll-free)
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