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EveryoneOn Digital Literacy Program

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On 3-2-1 that’s March 21 2013, a 3-year national public service campaign to promote digital literacy was launched, called EveryoneOn.

The project: A media blitz publicized that by going through the EveryoneOn website, one can find free computer training in their area. This free training is offered by public libraries and other entities all over America.

The message: “Do one thing better online”.

The Goal: harnessing the digital opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, income, geography, or education.

The Utah State Library is excited about Everyone On and what we all can do for the citizens of Utah.

Objective: To promote the importance of digital literacy skills and motivate individuals and families to access free community resources and training through their local public library.

  • Who: Public Libraries in Utah.
    • Target audience: 23+ year old adults with limited or no online experience. But really, everyone on. No matter the age or experience.
  • What: Offer internet access and computer training to your own citizens in the community, and bring people into the library through the ads run by the Ad Council and the Utah State Library.
  • Where: Training online or at your local library; ads in the media.
  • When: Spring 2013, for 3 years. Launch date: March 21, 2013. “3-2-1 everyone on.” On 3/21 on each of 3 years, there will be a digital learn days around the nation.
  • Why: We will teach people to use computers, and also raise awareness of the importance the public library in providing free public access technology and training. As a result we will build stronger communities and stronger libraries.

Public libraries are fundamental to the success of this effort because of your demonstrated commitment to providing free access to the Internet as well as to improving people’s skills (EX: computer skills, using e-books and audiobooks, applying for jobs online, and more).

National presentation telling key details of the program, by Connect 2 Compete.

30 minute webinar on the EveryoneOn program, by Connect 2 Compete.

See the Connect2Compete website for more information.

Everyone On is a collaboration between Utah State Library (USL), Connect2Compete (C2C), the American Library Association, the Public Library Association, the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS), OCLC, the Ad Council, and many private corporations.

For more information or assistance contact:

Jessica Whetman
Training Coordinator
Phone Number (801) 715-6762 or (800) 662-9150 (Utah toll-free)
Email address