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EveryoneOn Utah

First Steps | Kickoff Date | Publicity | Training | Resources | Promotional Materials

First Steps

1. Go to the library locator and see if your library is listed, making sure all info is up to date. It is pre-populated on a national level, so it is likely there. Be sure to fill in any missing information with their online form, such as # of computer stations, wifi available, free digital literacy training courses, skill levels taught, etc. Find out how to upload and edit your library’s information here.

2. If an agency in your area is not listed but offers free computer training or public internet access, encourage them to put information on the site. This especially applies to local community based organizations and those that serve Spanish speaking groups.

3. Since every public library in Utah is listed, think about what computer training you now offer. Is it about computer skills? How to search and apply for jobs online? Internet safety? Do you offer help on an individual basis to those that have a question? Is there something more you’d like to teach?

4. How can you get the word out in your community about what computer training you offer? Highlight it on your website? Your Facebook page? A poster or flyer? You want to be prepared if someone asks a question.

March 21, 2013 Kickoff. 3-2-1 Everyone On!

1. This is a multi‐year effort with no expectation for any library/organization to have to do something related to the campaign on 3/21. Media outreach will be conducted throughout the year and new work will be produced for 2014. Each year for 3 years, there will be a national event. Theme: 3-2-1- Everyone On!

2. On 3/21, public services announcements (PSAs), including Cable, TV, radio, print, billboard and mobile PSAs, will be distributed to media across the country to voluntary air/display as part of their commitments to public service.

3. The campaign is national, and all media outlets will be invited to use the PSAs to promote the importance of digital literacy in local communities.

4. On 3/21, launch events will be hosted by C2C in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia, which will kick off the national campaign. The content captured at these events will be used to create additional PSAs that will become available later in year one ‐ a strategy aimed at establishing personal relevance in the most effective manner.

5. You are welcome and encouraged to kick off your own local event(s). If you do a kickoff event, even if it is after 3/21, we would love to hear about it! Contact Colleen Eggett or Jeri Openshaw of the Utah State Library.


Campaign PSA’s will help people locate free digital literacy training classes and online training resources through the website.

  • TV, radio, print, billboard and mobile PSAs
  • Mobile text short code: Txt 321 to 27810
  • Toll free phone number: 1-855-EVRY1ON
  • Celebrity push on The View, Ellen, the Today Show, and more
  • And most importantly, their own local public library. That’s where all of you come in.

Stay updated by “liking” the national EveryoneOn Facebook page.

All Utah libraries and community organizations that are offering free internet or computer courses are encouraged to “like” these pages to see what’s around the curve, and to add your stories, comments, questions, etc.

The hope is that as digital training happens, newbies will be signing up for Facebook and be encouraged to “like” the national EveryoneOn Facebook page. The goal is to provide digital newbies with a community that they feel comfortable in, to connect them to valuable resources, to share stories, and to ask questions as they become further involved in the EveryoneOn campaign.

Offering computer training to the public

1. Learning Express Library, part of Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library, offers online training for online computer courses on Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Windows and Mac operating systems, and more.

2. Utah Futures, part of Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library, offers a  resume builder and information about resumes, cover letters, and preparing for a job interview. The site also provides information on pay and schooling needed for specific jobs and links to applying for open jobs in Utah.

3. Your Utah State Library Consultant may be able to help your public library design a program that is appropriate for your library. Please check with him/her for help.

4. Goodwill Community Foundation offers free online computer training for the public. They offer over 750 free lessons and 250 free videos on a variety of topics including Computer Basics, Google, Microsoft Office, Internet Safety, E-mail, Social Media, Mouse Basics, and more.

5. Beta until June 2013. This is a new tool and resource for digital literacy support managed by the Public Library Association with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Resources for libraries

The EveryoneOn website includes a training locator tool to help users find free digital literacy training courses, public computer access, and/or WiFi hotspots in their area, which includes public libraries and all participating partners such as Goodwill International, 4H, public computer centers, and American Job Centers.

The EveryoneOn Ad Council website features an online toolkit/resource center containing training materials; instructional guides for localizing the EveryoneOn campaign; PSAs which will be available after 3/21/13; social media; PR materials such as downloadable brochures, posters, table tents, and postcards. These materials will be print ready and in most cases, customizable for your library.

Throughout the year, libraries will be able to share their digital literacy training stories (successes, photos, videos) with EveryoneOn through a simple submission page on the website. Stories will then be shared with the rest of the nation through EveryoneOn’s various social media channels. This is a powerful opportunity to highlight libraries as trusted training and access points and we encourage you to share your stories!

Premium materials will be available through the Utah State Library or EveryoneOn for special events:

For more information or assistance contact:

Colleen Eggett
Training Coordinator
Phone Number (801) 715-6776 or (800) 662-9150 (Utah toll-free)
Email address