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Library Trustee Center

Trustee Center

If you are a new library trustee, here you will find a lot of information to get you started on the right track. If you are a seasoned library board member, here you will find resources to help you become even more effective in your role as trustee.

“As trustees of libraries, we have been entrusted with the noblest task of all – to preserve, strengthen, and promote the growth and use of our community’s libraries… The library for which we work today will long outlive us and will provide inspiration and encouragement for generations to come.” (Source: Jane Bellon, Illinois Trustee Facts File, 1997 edition, p.1)

Learning Resources

  • FREE WEBINARS: Library Campaign Training Institute, American Library Association’s Office for Library Advocacy.
    • Part 1: Building your Base – Making the connection between program and services outreach and building a library’s base of support for advocacy. (July 14)
    • Part 2: The Best Defense is a Good Offense – Provides participants with the knowledge needed to create a campaign plan, recruit volunteer leadership and detail responsibilities. (July 21)
    • Part 3: Message, Marketing, & Media – Workshop walks participants through developing a campaign message using values and emotional branding, as well as using media to advance the message. (July 28)
    • Part 4 +5: Connecting with YES Voters + Get out the Vote – Details the nuts and bolts of a library field operation including targeting through enhanced voter files, phone banking, social media, and voter tracking. The final portion brings the previous four sessions together with the ultimate goal of reaching “yes” voters and getting them to the polls. (Aug. 4)
  • Trustee Academy Courses – Online webinars produced by United for Libraries: The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations. Access for Utah Trustees paid by the State Library. YOU MUST LOGIN BEFORE YOU CAN WATCH THE WEBINARS. For the login & password contact your library director or your State Library consultant.
    • Trustee Basics, Part 1 (45 minutes)
    • Trustee Basics, Part 2 (48 minutes)
    • Advocating for Your Library (41 minutes)
    • Evaluating the Library Director (40 minutes)
    • Working Effectively with Your Library Trustees (48 minutes)
  • Finding New board Members (pdf) – Recruiting document from Harford County Library (Maryland) that includes an outline of qualifications, sample questions asked of candidates, and a sample application for appointment.
  • Advocacy is not the work of a season; it is the work of a generation – Archived webinar by Jamie LaRue, Douglas County Library. Learn how to tell a succinct, powerful story about the value of libraries. Based on OCLC’s “From Awareness to Funding” and the latest findings of brain research, this session focuses on turning the evidence of our daily patron encounters into short, compelling, and memorable messages that build support. Webinar brought to you by WebJunction
  • Trustees On Track – This collection of eight videos, produced by the Utah State Library in 2009, features library trustees sharing their experiences and thoughts on topics that every library board faces.

Tools for Trustees

Statistics – Key Library Performance Measures