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Mission, Vision, & Values


The Utah State Library develops, leads, and delivers exceptional library services, while optimizing Utah’s investment in libraries.

Core Values: Pillars of Service

Collaboration & Civic Engagement: We seek to strengthen existing partnerships and identify new opportunities to collaborate on projects and services to strengthen the communities we serve.

Education & Lifelong Learning: We build capacity through continuing education opportunities, sharing best practices and success stories, and offering technical assistance. We recognize libraries as the place where lifelong learning is nurtured and grown.

Stewardship & Institutional Capacity: We build stakeholder capacity through training opportunities and collaborative projects with other entities. We put the interest of the public and libraries first, mindful of how we use their tax dollars.

Innovation: We keep up with technological changes and industry trends. We are leaders in sharing best practices across the state and nation.


The Utah State Library is the primary leadership resource for librarians, while providing equal access to information and enduring services for citizens.