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New Library Directors: Sample Documents


Safe Harbor: Policies & Procedures for a Safe Library (PDF), Alliance Library System & Illinois State Library.
This manual is designed to help library staffs address problem behavior in their libraries. Problem behavior is any behavior that violates or restricts the rights of others to use the library and/or is specified in the library’s code of conduct or posted rules.

Policy Database, Library Trustee Association of New York State.


Library Forms


  • Hiring
    • Interview tips
    • Interview questionnaires
  • Job Descriptions
    • Aide / Shelver / Page
    • Assistant / Clerk / Customer Service Specialist
    • Associate / Entry-level professional librarian
    • Librarian / Experienced librarian
    • Library Director
  • Performance Planning & Evaluation
    • Tips
    • Disciplinary and corrective actions


List of policies to consider including in your library’s Policy & Procedure Manual

Strategic / Long-range Plans

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