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2013 Navajo Calendar Poster2013 Calendar Poster & Bookmarks

The Utah State Library Division created a poster and bookmarks to help you promote libraries, life-long education, knowledge, and wisdom.

Proudly display the beautiful calendar poster in your building and add to the bookmarks your library’s address, phone, hours of service or URL to help in your outreach efforts.

Each set of bookmarks contains 4 pieces: (1) Birth, (2) Adolescence, (3) Maturity, and (4) Wisdom. Each stage of life is associated with the growth of knowledge and the role of libraries in it.

If you would like some posters and bookmarks, contact the Library Consultant below.

Project Details

Recommended Titles

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For more information contact:

Juan Tomás Lee
State Data Coordinator
Phone Number (800) 662-9150 x56769 (Utah toll-free) or (801) 715-6769
Email address