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Innovative Approaches to Change Management, Part 2

Innovative Change Management - ResistanceLibraries are experiencing a time of rapid revolutionary change that never seems to let up. Change can be disruptive, upsetting, stressful, and unpredictable. Oftentimes we are faced with multiple changes at the same time. How can we best adapt to frequent and significant change? How do healthy library organizations manage change? What are the best strategies for coping with major change?

In Part 2, participants will learn about:

  • Understanding dysfunctional communication and resistance to change.
  • How to reframe resistance, engage those who push back, and take negative commentary as potentially useful input.
  • How to become more effective in providing persuasive input to change processes.

View Webinar: Online

Presenter: Marie Radford, PhD and Laurie Lewis, PhD

Sponsors: Utah State Library

Date: March 20, 2018

Categories: 2018 Webinars | Staff Development Webinars