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Utah Multicultural Commission

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On January 17, 2012 Governor Gary R. Herbert and Lt. Governor Greg Bell established the Utah Multicultural Commission who collaborates with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to identify and discuss issues and concerns of the ethnic communities of Utah.

The Multicultural Commission will work to accomplish the following:

  • Gather and discuss information about the issues and concerns of the ethnic constituents of Utah, which are influenced by the State.
  • Develop recommendations as to how the State can respond to issues impacting the ethnic constituents of Utah.
  • Review State agency responses to recommendations provided by the Multicultural Commission.
  • Make recommendations to the Governor about State policy, programs, and projects and their impact on ethnic constituents.
  • Provide recommendations of ethnic constituents who can serve on advisory boards, commissions, and other positions in State Government.
  • Collaborate with the Multicultural Affairs Office to develop and implement a strategic plan for the Multicultural Affairs Office and Commission.
  • Report to the Governor as needed to provide information on the needs of the community, report on accomplishments, and receive feedback from the Governor.

The character of Utah has been shaped by people of diverse ethnic cultural backgrounds, who have settled within the State. This diversity is the very fiber that has allowed us to grow, prosper and succeed as a State.

Meeting Schedule
The Multicultural Commission meets every other month. For more information contact
Rozanna Benally-Sagg at 801-245-7210, or Jenny Hor at 801-245-7214,

Executive Order
Governor’s Executive Order: Creating the Utah Multicultural Affairs and Utah Multicultural Commission signed by Governor Gary R. Herbert and Lt. Governor Greg Bell on January 17, 2012.