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Cemetery General Information

The Utah Cemeteries and Burials Database is recognized by Family Tree Best State Website Logo 2015-webMagazine as one of the Best State Websites for family history research.


We offer small grants to cemeteries to help digitize their records. Cities, counties, cemetery districts, private cemeteries, and others with a vested interest in cemeteries may apply for matching grants. Grants are limited to $10,000 maximum and require a 50/50 match, which may include a monetary match or donated goods and services. Find out more below.

Cemetery Grant Application

Final Products

  • A computerized database of all the burials in the cemetery. This database will be kept and maintained on a computer at the local level (usually by whoever is responsible for cemetery records). The database must be consistent with the statewide database of burials. There is a broad range of both computer software and computer “experts.” Make sure the final deliverable database allows for outputs in multiple formats.
  • Successful transfer of the database to Utah State History, which will add to the statewide inventory of burials.This statewide database will be accessible to the public for research purposes and can also serve as your resource.
  • OPTIONAL: A computerized GIS map of the cemetery. This computerized map, linked to the local database,makes locating and tracking information about burials and plot ownership much easier than with just the databasealone. Experience in a number of communities around the state has shown this type of system is well worth theexpense of setting it up. It is also easy to use and maintain when set up correctly. A map is required to comply with Utah State Code, Title 8, Chapter 3. It is strongly encouraged to add this functionality.

Grant requirements

Grant recipients will be reimbursed upon receipt of evidence that they have met agreed-upon program goals (or some part thereof) and have spent local match funds and/or donated services.

The Cemetery Grant Reimbursement Form is used to apply for reimbursement of qualified expenses.


At this time we don’t have regular volunteer opportunities. We can try to match an interested person with a cemetery that has indicated a desire to have volunteers. Private groups and individuals sometimes offer to survey a cemetery. If you would like to do this, please see our tips for cemetery volunteers.

For cemeteries wishing to submit data, please refer to our submission guidelines, and contact Amy Barry 801-245-7247 for more information.