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Utah History Day Registration


How to Register

  1. Find your contest here
  2. Teachers must register their schools and themselves before students can register.
  3. Students complete one Student Registration form per student. Group projects should designate one student to register first and create the group entry; the remaining group members then select the group project as they complete their own student registrations.
  4. Independent students can have a parent or teacher register as their “teacher”.


Contact us at UtahHistoryDay@gmail.com. We will be happy to assist you!

Attention Website Students:

  • You need to provide the Weebly URL for your website during registration.
  • Your URL should look like this:  https://12345678.nhd.weebly.com.
  • If your URL has words instead of numbers in the middle, you’ll need to convert it to NHD Weebly before you register.
  • To convert: go to nhd.weebly.com  and login using your Weebly username and password. Click “Convert” and write down your new URL.
  • If you have trouble converting your website contact nhdsupport@weebly.com.
  • Websites will lock for judging on the date specified for your contest. You will not be able to access your site during the judging period.
  • Websites will unlock after the competition, allowing you time to make revisions before the next competition.


Utah History Day in the News!

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Don’t Know Much about History? These Students Do, Salt Lake Tribune, April 29, 2017.

“History Repeats Itself: Nine Students make Washington, D.C. Competition,” West Valley Journal, August 2017, p. 4.

62 Utah Students Qualify for National History Day Contest in DC, Deseret News, May 10, 2017.

“Belknap 2017 History Fair,” The Beaver County Journal, March 22, 2017, p. 6.

Utah Students Excel at National History Day Competition, KCSG Television, 17 June 2016.

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Utah History Day Showcases student research and presentations, The Pyramid, 14 April, 2016.

Seven Local Historians Qualify for National Competition, ETV10 News, 26 April, 2016.

Carbon High Students Compete at National History Fair, ETV10 News, July 21, 2015.

Two Catholic Students Advance to National History Day Competition, Intermountain Catholic, May 8, 2015.

Layton Students Headed to National History Fair, Ogden Standard Examiner, May 6, 2015

Legacy and Leadership at History Fair, San Juan Record, March 25, 2015.

Carbon, Emery, and Grand Students Compete in History Day Fair, ETV10 News, March 19, 2015.

Students Ponder Leadership and Legacy in History at Utah History Day Contest in Price, ETV10 News, March 6, 2015.

Local Students Learn, Compete, and Explore at National History Day, ETV10 News, July 1, 2014.

Student Competition Takes Historical Look at Rights and Responsibilities, Deseret News, April 24, 2014.

Kaysville Sixth Graders Headed to National History Contest, Standard Examiner, May 7, 2014.

St. Joseph Students Speak Before the Senate on H.B. 64, Intermountain Catholic, February 28, 2014.

Utah Students Do Well at National History Day, June 20, 2013.

Olivia Baird Selected to Participate in US Freedom Pavilion Grand Opening,
Deseret News, March 5, 2013.

Utah History Day on KBYU Eleven Community Connection

Utah History Fair Receives Official Citation from the Utah State Legislature,
March 8, 2012.

Hannah  Anderson takes 1st at the Kenneth E. Behring NHD Contest,  2011.

Mayra Payne takes 9th at the Kenneth E. Behring NHD 
Contest, 2011.

Helper Junior High students participate in the Kenneth E. Behring NHD Contest, 2011.

Midvale Middle School prepares for the Kenneth E. Behring NHD Contest, 2011.

History of the Utah History Fair via the Utah Humanities Council’s Beehive Archive, 2011.

Great work Natalie Howe and Sadie Topham, 2010.

The Utah History Fair and Nicholas Demas receives the Utah Humanities Council’s Human Ties Award, 2010.

Utah History Day Contest Results






2013 Teachers of the Year

  • Utah History Fair Teacher of the Year: Michael Wagner, Tabiona Public School
  • Utah History Fair Teacher of the Year: Jeff Low, Thomas Edison Charter School North, Logan
  • Patricia Behring Award Nominee: JoLyne Merchant, Thomas Edison Charter School South, Logan

Utah History Day Judging Opportunities

Sign up to judge HERE!

Do you love history? Are you great with kids? Sign up here to judge at a History Day competition this spring!

History Day gets young people excited about learning history by giving them the chance to be junior historians. They do extensive research, analyze real historical sources, and draw conclusions based upon what they find. Their topics may be drawn from local, regional, national, or world history. They present their work in one of five formats:   

Exhibits  ~  Documentaries   ~   Performances  ~  Websites  ~  Papers

History Day truly makes a difference for kids, and they gain skills they will use for years to come. But we can’t do it without hundreds of committed volunteers who give of their time to evaluate projects and provide meaningful, thoughtful feedback to each student.

Training, materials, and lunch will be provided.

Judging Hours*  

  • 8:00-1:30 first round only
  • 8:00-3:30 both rounds

* Actual times will vary depending upon the size of the competition.

2018 Contests

  • STATE CONTEST – April 28, Hillcrest Junior High School, Murray
  • LOGAN – March 6, Utah State University, Taggart Student Center
  • OGDEN – March 23, Weber State University, Shepherd Student Union
  • SALT LAKE – March 23, Salt Lake Community College, Taylorsville Campus
  • OREM – March 22, Utah Valley University, Sorensen Student Center
  • PRICE – March 27, Carbon Events Center
  • BEAVER – March 16, Beaver High
  • ST. GEORGE – March 3, Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School
  • BLANDING – February 13, Utah State University, Blanding Arts & Events Center


UHD - Sign Up!


For Teachers

Teacher Resources 

Mike Johnson Utah History Day Teacher of the Year Award

Beginning in 2017, the Utah History Day Teacher of the Year Award is given each year in honor of Mike Johnson, who directed this program from 1991-2006. Mike was respected and loved by the teachers and schools he served throughout the state, and he cultivated a dynamic approach to history education through what was then called the Utah History Fair. Teachers who receive this annual award receive $500 from the Utah State Historical Society, and are recognized at the Utah History Day State Contest in April. Read more about Mike Johnson and his legacy. 

2017 Mike Johnson Utah History Day Teacher of the Year

  • Laura Lefler, Timberline Middle School (Alpine)

2016 Utah History Day Patricia Behring Teachers of the Year

  • Kim Perry, Clayton Middle School (SLC)
  • Tacy Hymas, Mount Logan Middle School (Logan)

2015 Utah History Day Patricia Behring Teachers of the Year

  • Candace Peters, Centerville Elementary
  • Chris Sweeney, Carbon High School

2014 Utah History Day Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year

  • Sara Hacken, Lakeridge Jr. High School, Orem

2013 Teachers of the Year

  • Utah History Fair Teacher of the Year: Michael Wagner, Tabiona Public School
  • Utah History Fair Teacher of the Year: Jeff Low, Thomas Edison Charter School North, Logan
  • Patricia Behring Award Nominee: JoLyne Merchant, Thomas Edison Charter School South, Logan

Utah History Day Project Toolkit

How-To Resources

The Big Picture

Theme & Topic Resources

Research Resources



Utah History Day Divisions and Categories


  • Documentary
  • Exhibit
  • Historical Paper
  • Performance
  • Website



  • How to create a History Day website 
  • Weeby website FAQs
  • Sample Websites
  • Keeping your website: Between June 20-August 31, use your NHD Weebly username to login at www.weebly.com. Click the ‘Convert’ button to convert your site to regular Weebly. You will receive one month of Pro Features for free, allowing time to edit your site. (After the 30-day free period ends, do not edit your site or you will be charged for Pro.) Your website will then be saved permanently on Weebly at no charge.




Historical Papers


  • Youth: Grades 4-5 (school & regional levels only)
  • Junior: Grades 6-8
  • Senior: Grades 9-12


Students may choose to work as an individual or part of a group. Groups are composed of 2-5 students and may compete in Documentary, Exhibit, Performance, and Website, but not in Historical Paper.

Groups should be formed at the beginning of the project so all students participate in the research and development phases. Group members may drop out of the project, but new members cannot be added.


Learn from some of the best projects around, created by students just like you! Check out our project examples, and then click  HERE  to view examples of outstanding national-caliber History Day projects, Process Papers, and Bibliographies! 

UHD- Divisions and Categories Picture 2

Utah History Day Website Instructions

  1. Open a free NHD Weebly Account. Website projects MUST be built in NHD Weebly, not in regular Weebly. Here’s how:
    • Go to https://nhd.weebly.com
    • Provide your best email address when setting up the account, as that is the only way a password can be recovered should the student forget it.
    • An 8-digit web address (URL) will be assigned to each entry. This is the URL that judges will use to access a web site for judging. Students and teachers must keep this URL noted for reference and for registration purposes.
    • Group Entries, although accessed by more than one student, will call for only a single account to be created. All students working on that particular entry will use the same login to access their site.
  2. Creating a website (http://nhd.org/entering-contest/creating-an-entry/website/)

  3. Register your website entry for the contest
    • During registration, students enter the 8-digit URL they were assigned when they first set up their website. The URL will look like this: http://12345678.nhd.weebly.comThe bold part of the URL is the 8-digit ID for that website entry. When registering for your contest, be sure to type in this 8-digit code accurately. Do not enter http:// or .nhd.weebly.com.  Use ONLY the 8-digit URL that identifies your website.
  4. Help! I need to convert my website to NHD.Weebly so I can register for a contest!
    • If the website was created at the regular Weebly site rather than weebly.com, the student will need to convert the website prior to competition.  Here’s how:
    • Go to weebly.com and use the student’s username and password to login.
    • Once in the NHD Web Portal, students will be prompted with a “Convert” button to switch their accounts to NHD Weebly and their URL to the 8-digit ID.
    • Upon clicking “Convert” the students’ web site will fully become an NHD Weebly account.
    • If students experience issues converting their web site, they should contact nhdsupport@weebly.com.
  5. Website Judging
    • Judges will read through all Website entries prior to the day of your contest. Website entries will be locked for judging on the “websites due” date for your contest. During the judging period you will not be able to make any changes to your project. Be sure that your website is completed by the deadline, then plan to attend your regional competition prepared for a 5-minute judges interview about your work.   Be sure to enter the URL correctly when you register for your contest, so the judges are able to access your web site.
  6. Improve Your Website for the Next Level
    • Once the judging period ends, the websites will be unlocked allowing those entries that are advancing to be modified before the next level of competition.
  7. Preserving Your Website
    • If you would like to preserve your website after the competition season ends, you can transfer your site to regular Weebly, where it will be hosted free of charge.
    • Between June 20-August 31, go to www.weebly.com and login using the same username and password you use to enter your website. Click on CONVERT. After converting your site, you will receive 1 free month of Weebly Pro features allowing you to edit or add materials to your website. Once the free month is over, do not edit your website or you will be asked to pay for Weebly Pro. 
  8. Sample websites