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UHQ Spring 2018 Web Extras

Re-discovering the 1931 Claflin-Emerson Expedition

Jerry D. Spangler and James M. Aton, The Crimson Cowboys: The Remarkable Odyssey of the Claflin-Emerson Expedition

Read how modern archaeologists rediscovered a 1931 expedition and see photos from 1931 and the present.


Researching Turn-of-the-Century Women

Polly Aird, Small but Significant: The School of Nursing at Provo General Hospital, 1904–1924

Follow this link for Aird’s exhaustive research files about the lives of nurses at Provo General Hospital.


Maps, Mapmakers, and Nineteenth-Century Exploration

Sheri Wysong, The Mountain Men, the Cartographers, and the Lakes

See the maps analyzed in Wysong’s article and read her narrative of the life of David H. Burr.

Sarah Vowell discusses the life of the dour Charles Preuss, “The Homesick Explorer.”


The Power of Oral History

Randy Williams, Voices from Drug Court: Community-Based Oral History at Utah State University

 Access audio from 2017 conference session about “Voices from Drug Court” and audio and transcripts from the entire oral history project.

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Utah Historical Quarterly began publication in 1928 and, except for several years during the 1930s and 1940s, has been published continuously since 1928.

As the state’s premier history journal, UHQ is the source for reliable, engaging Utah history. We publish in print and on the web high-quality articles and other works of history that appeal to scholars as well as lay readers. We welcome the submission of original research and writing on all aspects of Utah history, from prehistory to the present. The successful manuscript must present a compelling narrative written in clear prose. We ask authors submitting manuscripts for consideration by the UHQ not to submit simultaneously to another journal or publication.

UHQ Spring 2016 Web Extras

Figure 7_High-Cut Stump

Tie-hacking and logging sites on the North Slope

Christopher W. Merritt, “Wooden Beds for Wooden Heads:” Railroad Tie Cutting in the Uinta Mountains, 1867–1938

To see the historic tie-hacking and logging sites on the Uinta Mountain’s North Slope, take a guided tour with Christopher Merritt. We also provide a gallery of historic photographs of tie-hacking operations and (forthcoming) a conversation with Dr. Merritt on the tools, methodologies, and insights of historical archaeology.

Mary Stevens’ murder: A conversation with Roger BlomquistCase73_title

Roger Blomquist, “A Most Horrible Crime: The 1908 Murder of Mary Stevens in Orderville, Utah”

We interviewed Roger Blomquist about his research on the murder of Mary Stevens, a young woman from early twentieth-century Orderville, Utah. In our conversation Blomquist shares his perspective on the social dynamics of a close-knit community reeling from a high-profile murder case, details of the case, and what little we know about the short life of Mary Stevens.

Digital copy of James E. Talmage’s diary

Craig R. Smith, “James E. Talmage and the 1895 Deseret Museum Expedition to Southern Utah”

Talmage kept a detailed diary of his explorations during his explorations of southern Utah and northern Arizona geology. This handwritten diary dated July 23, 1894, to December 31, 1895, is located at the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. Volume 8 of Talmage’s private journal may be found here


Tie Hacking on the Uinta’s North Slope: A Photo Gallery

The following photos—both historic and contemporary—give color to the men and tie industry on the North Slope of the Uintas. The historic photos are from an unpublished report on file at the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Supervisor’s Office in Salt Lake City: F. S. Baker and A. G. Hauge, “Report on Tie Operation, Standard Timber Company, Uinta National Forest, 1912–1913.” The modern photos were taken by the Utah Division of State History.

Historic Photos (1913)

MillCreek 1913 aspen frame to prevent ties running into ditch

MillCreek 1913 aspen frame to prevent ties running into ditch


MillCreek 1913 banking ties

MillCreek 1913 banking ties


MillCreek 1913 Bear River in distance possible flume site

MillCreek 1913 Bear River in distance possible flume site


MillCreek 1913 felling

MillCreek 1913 felling


MillCreek 1913 haulers and tie hacks camp section 3

MillCreek 1913 haulers and tie hacks camp section 3


MillCreek 1913 hauling supplies to Section 19

MillCreek 1913 hauling supplies to Section 19


MillCreek 1913 hauling ties

MillCreek 1913 hauling ties


MillCreek 1913 hewing 1

MillCreek 1913 hewing 1


MillCreek 1913 hewing 2

MillCreek 1913 hewing 2


MillCreek 1913 loading ties

MillCreek 1913 loading ties


MillCreek 1913 off the road

MillCreek 1913 off the road


MillCreek 1913 parking ties

MillCreek 1913 parking ties


MillCreek 1913 peeling

MillCreek 1913 peeling


MillCreek 1913 strip road after cutting tie timber

MillCreek 1913 strip road after cutting tie timber


MillCreek 1913 tie hacking equipment

MillCreek 1913 tie hacking equipment


MillCreek 1913 ties parked along strip road

MillCreek 1913 ties parked along strip road


MillCreek 1913 ties ready to be parked

MillCreek 1913 ties ready to be parked


MillCreek 1913 timber and brush after cutting tie timber 1

MillCreek 1913 timber and brush after cutting tie timber 1


MillCreek 1913 timber and brush after cutting tie timber 2

MillCreek 1913 timber and brush after cutting tie timber 2




























Contemporary Photos (2015)










































Mary Stevens’ Murder: A Conversation with Roger Blomquist


On April 21, 1908, Joseph Stevens found the body of his eighteen-year-old sister in a side canyon of Orderville, Utah. The murder of Mary Stevens–and subsequent conviction of Alvin Heaton Jr.–stunned and divided the small community. We spoke with Roger Blomquist about the murder and its aftermath, as well as the process of investigating such a heart-breaking and little-recognized story.

Roger Blomquist received his PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and taught history at both Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. His South Pass historical fiction series will have a projected five volumes. For more information, go to rogerblomquist.com. In addition to writing and teaching history, he is an accomplished saddle maker.





UHQ Winter 2016 Web Extras

The Newsboy Walter B. Evans

Cover Image

The story of the newsboy gracing the Utah Historical Quarterly cover.

Coda: Turn-of-the-Century Smallpox Vaccination Board of Health-1915_USHS-Shipler 16380

Ben Cater, “The Religious Politics of Smallpox Vaccination, 1899–1901”

A coda reflecting on the turn-of-the-century smallpox controversy and the subsequent Mormon embrace as well as continued distrust of vaccinations.

Sullivan-OgdenEarly Utah Photographs by Timothy H. O’Sullivan and William Henry Jackson

Michael S. Eldredge, “Fifty Years of Liberal and Conservative Newspaper Views in Ogden, Utah, 1870–1920”

Photographs from the famed 1869 U.S. Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel under Clarence King, including images of various points in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, and of Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Promontory Summit. We also publish photographs taken by William Henry Jackson, a member of the Hayden surveys.


Utah and the Great War: A Conversation with Allan Kent Powell Sugar_Beets_p.22_No.29276_Sept._22,_1917_Utah

Allan Kent Powell, “Utah’s War Machine: The Utah Council of Defense, 1917–1919”

An interview with Kent Powell, former managing editor of the Utah Historical Quarterly, about his research on home-front activities led by the state’s Council of Defense. We also chat about the highlights during his long tenure at the historical society.

Dee_022_Maude_Dee_Porter (2)Ogden Canteen Log Books

Lorrie Rands, “Food, Comfort, and a Bit of Home: Maude Porter and the Ogden Canteen, 1942–1946”

Reproductions of log books and other documents from the Ogden Canteen.


Historic Salt Lake City Apartments of the Early Twentieth Century 5-1

Lisa-Michele Church, “Historic Salt Lake City Apartments of the Early Twentieth Century”

A photo gallery and history of the architecture and social world of historic Salt Lake City apartment buildings.


UHQ Fall 2015 Web Extras

Figure 2--Fremont and Preuss map of the Great Salt LakeJohn C. Frémont and the Mormons: A Conversation with Alexander L. Baugh 

Alexander L. Baugh, “John C. Frémont 1843-44 Western Expedition and Its Influence on Mormon Settlement in Utah”

An interview with Alexander L. Baugh, professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU, about the famed explorer John C. Frémont and the influence of his expeditions and published report on Mormon settlement in the Great Basin.

Photographs and Drawings from the Simpson Expedition, 1858-592-9

Ephriam D. Dickson III, “’Shadowy Figures about Whom Little Is Known’: Artists of the Simpson Expedition, 1858–59″

portfolio of photographs and drawings from James Simpson’s 1858-59 western expedition.

2_ExcavationQ&A with Susan Rhoades Neel about Earl and Pearl Douglass

Susan Rhoades Neel, “Love among the Fossils: Earl and Pearl Douglass at Dinosaur National Monument”

Q&A with Susan Rhoades Neel, associate professor of history at Utah State University, about Earl and Pearl Douglass and the process of uncovering their history.

Reflections on the Waterpocket Fold and Greater Capitol Reef, by Ralph Becker 11105 The Castle-CRNP

“Modern Wanderings along the Waterpocket Fold: The Diary of Ralph Becker”

Reflections by Ralph Becker on his experience hiking the entire length of the Waterpocket Fold and the intervening changes to the landscape. We also offer an interactive map of Becker’s 1980 route with links to photographs, diary excerpts, and other writings about the Greater Capitol Reef.

4_InscriptionsHaldane “Buzz” Holmstrom on the Colorado River: A Gallery

Utah in Focus: Buzz Holmstrom, 1938

Photographs from Buzz Holmstrom’s 1938 run of the Green and Colorado rivers. Holmstrom was accompanied by Amos Burg, Phil Lundstrom, and Willis Johnson.


Book Reviews

Elwin C. Robison with W. Randall Dixon, Gathering as One: The History of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Review by W. Ray Luce


UHQ Winter 2015 Web Supplements

UHQ Interviews: Utah Historiography

Robert Parson, “Neither Poet Nor Prophet: S. George Ellsworth and the History of Utah,” Utah Historical Quarterly 83 (Winter 2015): 6-19

Utah-HeritageAccompanying Robert Parson’s article on the historian S. George Ellsworth, we offer conversations with the noted historians and archivists Gary Topping and Robert Parson on the historiography of Utah, as well as selected accompanying documents, including letters from Ellsworth on the writing of Utah’s Heritage and a diary excerpt from Leonard Arrington on the founding of the Western Historical Quarterly.



Charcoal Kilns: A Photo Gallery

Douglas H. Page Jr., et al., “Charcoal and Its Role in Utah Mining History,” Utah Historical Quarterly 83 (Winter 2015): 20-37

The winter 2 Three Kilns Spring 015  UHQ introduces readers to the dozens of charcoal kilns, now abandoned, that dot the Utah landscape. These kilns are visible reminders of a once profitable and ubiquitous industry. They are also a remarkable visual display, revealing the kiln’s unique and varied designs and the often remarkable craftsmanship that went into their construction. We thank Doug Page, a retired forester, for providing the text and photos.


Gallery of Female Imagery in Advertisements

Kathryn L. MacKay, “The Chocolate Dippers’ Strike of 1910,” Utah Historical Quarterly 83 (Winter 2015): 38-51

chocolate boxes

With publication of MacKay’s article on chocolate dippers we present historical advertisements using women and their bodies to sell goods and projects. These images are housed at the collections of Utah State Historical Society.




Sounds of the Cathedral

Gary Topping, “Transformation of the Cathedral: An Interview with Gregory Glenn,” Utah Historical Quarterly 83 (Winter 2015): 59-69

Gary Topping, archivist of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, unearthed an LP of the Cathedral Madeline choir in 1960. We converted the songs to a digital format and make them available here.