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News from Salt Lake, 1847-1849: A Conversation with Andrew H. Hedges

We spoke with Andrew H. Hedges about his article in the Utah Historical Quarterly (Summer 2016), “News from Salt Lake, 1847-1849,” detailing the flow of information into and out of the Great Basin in the first years after Mormon settlement.

UHQ Summer 2016 Web Extras

Polygamy, A Play in Four Acts: Full Transcript

Kenneth L. Cannon II, “Mormons on Broadway, 1914 Style"

Read the full transcript of Polygamy, A Play in Four Acts, by Harvey O'Higgins and Harriet Ford. The transcript is courtesy of Kenneth L. Cannon II.


News from Salt Lake, 1847-1849: A Conversation with Andrew H. Hedges

Andrew H. Hedges, "News from Salt Lake, 1847-1849"

We spoke with Dr. Hedges about his research on multi-faceted newspaper coverage of the Salt Lake Valley in the first years of Mormon settlement. Listen to our conversation here.


Utah's NASA Bid: A Confidential Report

Eric G. Swedin, "Utah's Spaceport: A Failed Dream" 

Utah presented a compelling case to be used as NASA’s operational site, but the decision to use solid-fuel boosters on the space shuttle made this impossible. See here for the March 21, 1971, confidential report of Utah's Spaceport Committee, housed at the Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.


Remembering the Circleville Massacre

Circleville Massacre Memorial Dedication, April 22, 2016 

We provide a bibliography with links to secondary and primary sources used to construct the massacre's narratives